Autodromo Launches Chronograph Line

When Autodromo launched last year with a series of automotive inspired timepieces I was immediately smitten. How could I not be?

Timepieces and motor racing have a long history of association together, even if sometimes the reasons are a bit murky, and even if sometimes the glamour of expensive cars and expensive watches overshadows the pure clinical necessity of accurate timekeeping in motor racing.

Rarely, though is motoring this successfully referenced in a watch without being gaudy. Some watch manufacturers’ aesthetic is a bit…excessive. I prefer a cleaner and less ostentatious design; and Autodromo has successfully referenced motorsport without screaming it by adding checkered flags or other overt or corny iconography. It’s not just the faces either, the perforated bands just ooze motorsport to me.

For their most recent line, Autodromo has smartly moved beyond simply referencing motoring in their offerings and created a vital tool for the sports and racing enthusiast: These stunning chronographs (for those unfamiliar with chronographs, this YouTube clip gives a good introduction).

By happy coincidence, they’ve chosen my favorite model from their launch line as the basis of extension for the chronograph series. The Vallelunga series is, for me, the most beautifully realized of their combinations of straight timepiece function with graphic motorsport reference.

I think I’m also partly drawn to it because 3 o’clock is redline. I don’t know about you, but that’s usually when I’m starting to burn out after running hot all day.

Check out the complete collection at

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