1937’s GP Season

Silver Arrows hitting over 200 mph on the straights at AVUS. That seems impossibly fast for 1937 but maybe I’m just underestimating the arrows. Hard to imagine that today’s Formula 1 is no faster than it was 75 years ago.

(Some marvelous footage of the same year’s action in the States at the end of this clip.)

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  1. Fred says:

    I can only wonder how fast a modern race car would go if we had the same rules.

  2. Captain Ned says:

    The Silver Arrows of the mid-’30s were the spiritual predecessors of that glorious time known as Can-Am.

    Back in the ’80s someone sponsored an all-out speed run at the Transportation Research track in Ohio. Tim Richmond in a heavily-modified NASCAR Monte Carlo and Al Holbert in a Porsche 962. Both lapped at somewhere close to 240 MPH (details are tough to come by). Beyond that, the only other place to look for pure speed is the pre-chicane (heh) Mulsanne Straight (or the Ligne Droit de Hunnadieres) at Le Mans.

  3. Heath says:

    Racing speeds may not have changed much – but the safety standards sure have! Can you imagine spectating a modern sports race right on the edge of the track, separated only by a rope? Nice footage in the last minute or so of an Indy car (?) very fortuitously crashing next to an ambulance…

  4. Becky Soto says:

    Great footage! Thanks for posting it!

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