Modena’s Ferrari Museum is Open

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

The juxtaposition of the modernity of Czech architect Jan Kaplický’s design of the main museum with the restored Ferrari workshop makes for a marvelous set of bookends that describes Ferrari’s progression as a manufacturer. I can’t help but think that Kaplicky’s design (brought to fruition after his death by his protegé Andrea Morgante) considered the power of that; of showcasing the humble industrial-era workshop that was Ferrari’s foundations alongside the bold color and sweeping technological sophistication of the museum building.

On it’s face, I’m not terribly fond of this architectural style, despite it’s echoes of a Ferrari bonnet. But, this splash of hyper-modernism within the more gritty industrial landscape of this section of Modena makes such a powerful architectural statement not as a building, but as a part of the wider geography. It’s just incredible.

Oh, and there are Ferraris in it.

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