’66 Vette Falls off a Trailer on the Interstate… It All Went Better Than Expected

I can only imagine what it must feel like to look in your rear view mirror and see that the ’66 Corvette you were pulling has fallen off your trailer and your beloved machine is now traveling down the freeway driverless. That unfortunate scenario played out on a stretch of I-35 in Texas.

Corvette Forum member Sonny557 was there to see it go down: “So I am watching in my mirror as his 66 is rolling along the highway with no driver !!! It slowly reaches the grassy part of the shoulder and slows down somewhat before going into a concrete drain and goes on for several more feet before coming to a stop. Miraculously only the whitewall had a major scuff mark on it, the car had no scratches or rash!!”

Sounds like the owner was pretty nonchalant about it, just hopped in an drove to the next exit. I might have fallen to me knees in euphoria.

Click on over for the complete story, and double-check triple-check your tie-downs.

Hat tip to TurretOpera’s post on Reddit for digging this one up.

3 responses to “’66 Vette Falls off a Trailer on the Interstate… It All Went Better Than Expected”

  1. Jon says:

    Am I seeing that picture right? Is the trailer actually being pulled by a Crown Vic?

  2. Bill says:

    It appears that trailer was being towed by a town car. I would have expected nothing less from someone stupid enough to do that.

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