Etceterini Begins Releasing Clips from the Suzy Dietrich Archive

When last October’s auction of Suzy Dietrich’s lifetime of mementos from her remarkable racing career drew to a close, I thought we might have lost a great possibility to release her archive of film into the world. For all we knew at the time, a collector had snatched up these precious film cans only for them to be viewed once or twice and sealed away in the deep wells of a closed collection.

You can imagine the sigh of relief I experienced when friend of the blog and occasional contributor, Cliff Reuter announced that he had won several of the film auctions and started to digitize and release them on Etceterini. Thank goodness!

The above is but a taste and Cliff says that there’s more to come, check his Suzy Dietrich video page on

6 responses to “Etceterini Begins Releasing Clips from the Suzy Dietrich Archive”

  1. Fred says:

    What are those little open wheel rear engine car?

  2. Cliff Reuter says:

    Thanks for the post Harlo! I was just going to suggest it and bang, here it is 🙂

    Fred, those cars are Formula Three 500cc cars and they look fast to me!

  3. Fred says:

    Thanks Cliff I don’t see many of those anymore. Which is too bad as when I have they always have fascinated me.

  4. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Three Coopers and an Effyh among the F III cars. What is that venue in the middle–Brynfan Tyddyn? More minutes of that incredible track–narrow, oily and with snow fencing almost on the pavement–just as at Giant’s Despair. Battle between Bill Spear and Jim Kimberley in 4.1 Ferraris-Kimberley donate this one to The Music Academy of the West when he got the later Vignale bodied car seen here at Chanute. And Dietrich (Suzy or Chuck?) in the TC challenging the Frazer Nash on every lap. Of the Allards I know only Pres Gray’s at GD. Lots of Siatas and the Bandini Siluro. All terrific! Thanks! MJ

  5. […] * One of the winning bidders at last October’s auction of Suzy Dietrich memorabilia was Cliff Reuter, champion of so-called etceterinis, and Reuter has decided to digitize and share some of Dietrich’s videos over on (via) […]

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