More 917s on the Street

Yes, it’s a replica. I still think it would be an absolute blast. Maybe even more fun than tooling around in traffic with the real thing. With the price these things are fetching, I’d be too afraid to muster the ability to just have fun.

Ever since we featured some marvelous video of another 917 replica mixing it up with minivans on public roads, I’ve hoped to see more madmen enjoying this luscious form amidst the sea of jellybean-shaped modern cars on the highway. And here, finally, is another example. Shot for an article in Austria’s Auto Revue, naturally the Vienna Ring Road offers perfect scenery for this replica of the Helmut Marko/Gijs van Lennep piloted machine that won the 1971 Le Mans for Martini. I cannot think of a better location. Wunderbar!

Click on over to Auto Revue for more (Google Translate is your friend) and more photos.

Thanks to Porsche Porn for the heads up.

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