The Captivating Automotive Photography of Steffen Jahn

Any photographer worth a damn can make a technically proficient photograph of a car, but it takes something else to evoke the spirit of the car. That’s what is happening here. There’s something special about Steffen Jahn’s imagery. Something that somehow makes you look past the mere form of the subject, even with all the historic legacy these subjects carry, and take us into a moment. Many of these shots look less like still photography and more like a still captured from a beautifully shot film. And it’s not just the specific film that these shots of a 917/512 duel typically conjures.

Head on over to Steffen’s site for more of his brilliant work. Perhaps as much as the beautiful racing imagery, I love his “Making of” gallery that shows he’s not just capturing arresting moments of these inspired machines; he’s having a damned good time doing it.

3 responses to “The Captivating Automotive Photography of Steffen Jahn”

  1. Fred says:

    He makes the new A3 look a lot nicer than the factory pics

  2. Heath says:

    Those are fantastic. He’s even got a photo in the 917/512 series that has simulated film grain.

    There are 2 telling things about the ‘making of’ photos:

    1. There’s a LOT of work behind these photos – before, during, and after he releases the shutter.

    2. He’s having a LOT of fun doing this!!!

  3. Steffen Jahn says:

    Hi everyone – nice to read so kind words about my work. And you are absolutly right – lots of fun paired with lots of work is the secret behind good images. You would love the “Goodwood ladies” series on my website too ( in the Editorial section ) This was actually just fun šŸ˜‰

    Cheers – Steffen

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