1959 Johannesburg 9 Hours Program

“Kyalami” loosely translated from Zulu is “My Home”. It’s a lovely name; evocative of the region and there’s something about the sentiment of it that I love. For Andrew Duncan though, it’s damn-near the literal truth. Andrew grew up a few miles from Kyalami and attended a variety of events with his father. He’s been scanning the programs from his collection and has graciously shared them here.

This event, however, pre-dates the opening of Kyalami by two years. This second 9-Hours endurance race was held on the then aging Grand Central Circuit. In the pre-Kyalami years the race was much more of a local affair, with nearly all of the entrants being South Africans.

Locals Chris Fergusson and Hugh Carrington took the win in Carrington’s Dart-Climax (via). It’s fun to consider when we look upon these pages that the 9 Hours was on the brink of becoming a major international event.

Thanks again, Andrew. There’ll be more scans from his collection here soon. In the meantime, check out previous posts from the Andrew Duncan Collection.

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