Scarab Intercontinental: For Sale in All Forms

Scarab Intercontinental

Reventlow Automobiles, Inc., Culver City Calif., has announced that they are prepared to build machines for the new USAC road racing formula. The prototype, designed by Eddie Miller, is now nearing completion and should be tested within the next few weeks. The prototype will be powered by the 4-cyl Scarab engine while the V-8 aluminum Buick engine slated for ultimate use is being brought up to peak output. Reventlow will offer these cars for sale in all forms, much as F-Jr constructors have been doing, with complete cars, kits, or components available for sale. The bodywork, aluminum in the prototype, will be fiberglass for the production models. (Drawing by Bill Motta)

Wheelbase, inches……..90.0
Track, front……..47.5
Weight (dry), estimated……..1050
Engine location……..rear
Engine……..V-8 Buick Spl
Bore x stroke, inches……..3.50×2.80
Displacement, cu. in……..215
Horsepower, estimated, bhp……..250
Torque, estimated, bls/ft……..150
Gearbox: Colotti 5-spd with integral transmission and ZF limited-slip differential.
Suspension: Front & rear—unequal A-arms with coil shocks.
Steering……..Scarab rack & pinion
Wheels: Magnesium, Front 5×15; Rear, 6.5×15
Brakes: Girling discs, 10:25 dia., outboard front & rear
Body: Prototype, aluminum; Fiberglass, production

Mfgd by: Reventlow Automobiles, Inc., 1042 Princeton Dr., Venice, Calif.

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