A Berkeley Reborn

It’s never surprising when a new no-expenses-spared restoration of a Ferrari is unveiled. Or a Gullwing Merc. Or a Barracuda. What I love so much about Ohio restoration shop Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding is that they often lavish the same level of affection on lesser known and quirkier models. Their restorations of Issetas and a Lambretta Lambro trike and a King Midget are enough to let you rest easy that these marvelous jewels are in good hands.

Their recent restoration of a Berkeley SE492 is no exception. The level of care in reconditioning parts that aren’t available or ensuring that every fastener was period-appropriate is admirable. It’s details like this that usually puts this type of restoration in the realm of not financially viable. But let’s face it, we didn’t get into vintage racing cars because we’re sane people. It always makes me glad to see there’s other crazies out there.

More photos of the restoration at Pete’s site. Oh—and check out the Gurney Eagle Pete’s did as well!

2 responses to “A Berkeley Reborn”

  1. rdsieber says:

    This is an inspiring example of the phrase “It’s all about the passion.” Someone had the wherewithal to go all-out on this project which cannot recoup the cost thru resale of a cute little racecar. The result is a real period piece – I hope it finds its way into use or a popular museum where others can be inspired as well to “do the right thing” by their car.

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Loved the video. Nice to see young guys who are already so skilled at their craft!

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