For People Who Must Drive a Winner

Daytona. Datsun sweeps the field.

Talk about domination—the Datsun Track Star swamped the field at Daytona.

Seven out of the first 8 spots in Class D Production at the 1969 American Road Race of Champions (ARRC).

Just what you might expect from a real sports car.

Because the stock 2000 has real sports car handling. Real sports car power from a 135 HP “OHC” engine for a 124 MPH top and 0-60 in 9.3 seconds. Real sports car response from an all-synchro 5-speed that Stirling Moss rates… “Really good—the speed with which one could change gears was only limited by the speed of one’s hand.”

Add classic lines. Body-fit buckets. vinyl upholstery, carpets, locking console… even a radio among $300 in no-charge extras. You’ve got a luxury GT that blasts backroads and breezes freeways.

The ARRC champ 2000—and its little brother—Datsun 1600. Real sports cars for people who must drive a winner. Driva a Datsun… then decide.

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