World Champion is an Understatement

We won the world, together.

Congratulations, Graham.

We at STP have seen, firsthand, your courage and control behind the wheel. And calling you World Champion is an understatement.

Your win is a milestone for us, too.

STP Oil Treatment has been cutting friction and wear for winning drivers at Indy year after year. Now, thanks to your skill, STP, once again, is on the side of a Grand Prix Champion.

The racer’s edge. Another successfully tested product of the STP Corporation.

2 responses to “World Champion is an Understatement”

  1. Ted Sodergren says:

    Lots of tape on those goggles, too!

  2. I don’t recall seeing Andy Granatelli kissing Graham in Victory lane at Monaco. lol. STP was Graham’s Indianapolis sponsor but wasn’t Gold leaf featured on Lotus’s Grand Prix racers?

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