One of Many, 1963

This is what a lot of 1963 must have looked like for Jim Clark. His confident expression at the Spa drivers’ meeting before the 1963 Belgian Grand Prix says it all: He was about to own the rest of the year.

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  1. Captain Ned

    Old Spa. In the rain. In a 1963 F1 car.

    Show me any current F1 driver who could pilot the Masta Kink full-out in those conditions.

  2. Ted Sodergen

    Captain Ned nailed it. These guys were really drivers. Those cars, those tires, those courses…heroic comes close to describing it. “Artists” also comes to mind.

    I’m reading “The Limit” by Michael Cannell which chronicles the 1961 run to the championship by Phil Hill and von Trips. As I look at the photo, I have to think of the drivers mentioned in the book that are not in the photo 2 years later (Hawthorne, Collins, von Trips, and the others). By the way, the book is an excellent fast read…a little simplistic in places but a nice trip to an era that we’ll never see again and always miss.

  3. Automobiliac

    Captain Ned, you left out cross ply tires too…those guys really did have brass balls.

  4. Cindy

    I just happen to be of the vintage 1963…it’s wonderful to learn about what was happening back I came into this wonderful world. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jeff Downer Indianapolis, IN

    Captures the moment doesn’t it? Is that tall fellow Jim Hall?

  6. 292drhyboy

    Who is the driver on the far left next to Siffert and McLaren?

  7. Ted Sodergen

    I believe that the driver on the left is Tony Maggs from South Africa.

  8. Mike Jacobsen

    Right–Maggs. Jim Hall and Innes ireland on the far right; and how many in this pic were not there a few years later? Note also the two pairs of goggles on several and even on a rainy day Ireland’s has tape across the top!

  9. Chas. Porter

    Love to see McLaren on the podium next to Clark.

  10. 292drhyboy

    Is there a possibility of buying a print at a reasonable cost?

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