Fibreglass Body Shells £49

The STILETTO, shown trimmed. Body widths: Front 54 in. Rear, 53in. Also the SCIMITAR, identical design, wheelbase 6ft. 1 in. to 6 ft. 5 in.

Fibreglass Body Shells £49. Bare shell, untrimmed. For wheelbases of 6ft. 11 in. to 6ft. 9in.

Kits for experimental work or body repairs: 12/6, 17/6, 28/6, and 45/-.

The Mistral

£58. Bare shell untrimmed. Designed for Space-Frame or Twin-Tube-type chassis of 7ft. 3in. to 7 ft. 6 in. wheelbase.

Dept. MS7.
Micron Plastics (Microplas LTD.)
Block N. The James Estate, Western Road. Mitcham, Surrey
Telephone: Mitcham 4407

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