Early 70s Vees at Holtville

Clementeski, the YouTube uploader, says, “this is from the old HAIR (aerodrome) days. Not sure of the exact date, but it was probably the winter series ’73 or ’74.”

It never hurts to watch Formula Vee. It’s one of my favorite series for tight battles. There’s always a lot of passing and repassing in one of the few series that actually managed to keep cars pretty balanced. Keeping the cars evenly matched is a great opportunity to see some serious development of driver skill. Even in today’s vintage runs, they keep together well and don’t become a parade. Hell, NASCAR drivers could learn about drafting from these dudes. Plus, it’s nice to see a clip from the disused WWII era bomber training strip at Holtville, CA in her racing prime.

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    I’d like to see a piece on the air cooled Formula Super Vees, particularly when they were running the VW Gold Cup series sponsored by VWoaA in the seventies.

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