Formulas Vee, B, and Ford at the 1998 Meadowbrook Historics

Speaking of the Meadowbrook Historic Races, here’s some video from the 1998 running of the event. The shooter here must have been there to support #55 and has a bit of a wandering camera but it’s still a fun artifact from an event that is precious to me. I grew up not far from this track and spent many Sundays in the bleachers at Hilltop Turn, hot dog and soda in hand, falling in love with vintage racing.

2 responses to “Formulas Vee, B, and Ford at the 1998 Meadowbrook Historics”

  1. Manley Ford says:

    Waterford Hills (where the Meadowbrook Historics were run) is a great place for race spectating. You can see almost the whole track from a couple of places. As this video just barely picks up, the track announcers have often added to the excitement. I remember especially when I raced there in 2008 in my MGTD, they had two announcers, each apparently trying to outdo the other in describing the on-track action. They made all other track announcers at the many vintage races I’ve run seem dull by comparison.

  2. Chris says:

    Waterford is my home track as well!

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