It’s Easy to Buy or Lease a Cobra or Mustang G.T. 350

Now Exclusive Cobra and Mustang 350 G.T. Dealer—S&C Motors
2001 Market Street (corner of Delores)
Phone UN 1-6000 • Al Rivera, Manager

Phil Hill in Cobra at Candlestick. Phil Hill, America’s first world champion grand prix driver, will drive the S&C Special, a Cobra 427 this weekend at Candlestick. Keep your eye on the S&C Special. You’ll be seeing a champion driving a world championship car. Shelby American won the 1965 FIA International Manufacturer’s Championship.

It’s easy to buy or lease a Cobra or Mustang G.T. 350 at S&C. Com in to S&C Motors at 2001 Market Street, San Francisco, and see Al Rivera, manager of Hi-Performance sales, service and parts, or phone UN 1-6000 for all the information on the hottest cars in the world. Shelby American Cobra and Mustang G.T. 350 street models are available on very reasonable purchase or lease terms. We want to deal so that you can wheel. Ask about competition options, too, if you want to race or beat the other guy from the stop light.

2 responses to “It’s Easy to Buy or Lease a Cobra or Mustang G.T. 350”

  1. Jeff Downer says:

    I can’t imagine having to advertise those cars. lol Still if you needed a spokesman Phil Hill would be the way to go.

  2. Patrick says:

    How well I remember that day at Candlestick. Phil in the 427, Jim Hall in the Chaparral 2, and Bart Martin in the sweetest Brabham BT8 Ford. What a line up and what sadness followed the start. Martin crashed to his death in a large fireball. I loved watching Phil in the 427!

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