Ginther’s Bricks

Flickr user Biczzz has created this astoundingly nuanced sculpture of Ginther’s 1965 Honda RA272 from simple Lego. The level of detail Biczzz has managed to achieve here is really incredible. Sure, I’ve made my share of blocky Lego cars, but these gentle curves, the suspension bits, the windscreen! I’ve seen die-cast models with less detail.

Maybe with some practice, I could make a generic 60s F1 car from Lego. But this isn’t a generic 60s F1 car. You can plainly recognize it as the car that took Honda’s first victory in Mexico. Overcoming the constraints inherent in sculpting from Lego and still managing such a finely crafted result is absolutely fantastic!

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3 responses to “Ginther’s Bricks”

  1. Ian Barber says:

    how large is this? full scale?

  2. Harlo says:

    I don’t know if it conforms to a specific scale, but I recognize some of those pieces. I’d say it’s about 9 or 10 inches long.

  3. That is brilliant. Does Biczzz have any other efforts to show us…I hope?

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