Premio la Trinidad, 1959

These images from a wonderful thread on Pasion a la Velocidad reminds me that road racing in the Americas was so much larger than we typically remember today. For every Sebring or Paramount Ranch or Bahamas Speed Week or Argentine GP, there were countless communities that closed off a few blocks and made a weekend of it.

Again, I’m struck by the beauty of these tropical racing venues. These vistas from the Circuito Cuidad Satelite la Trinidad prove that the views from the countryside surrounding Caracas, Venezuela were every bit as majestic as those from Sicily or Brescia.

See the full thread for even more photos and remembrances from the Venezuelan road racing community.

2 responses to “Premio la Trinidad, 1959”

  1. Eduardo Munoz says:

    Good evening, thanks for your comments on the Pasion a La Velocidad website, The l and ll GP de La Trinidad were run in what was in the late 50´s suburbs of Caracas, please drop by the forum, and take a look. I understand that races in US were not very different of these. I ve seen Caroll Shelby in an MG-TD, just like my father raced in 53-54. Some of us speak english, so we an answer your questions, Regards, Eduardo Munoz (Caribe70)

  2. Rebecca Battistini says:

    I do want to emphasize how helpful and informative the forum “Pasion a la Velocidad y Motores” has been to everyone. In my case, I wanted to find more information regarding my grandfather Sauro Battistini who raced in Venezuela in the fifty’s. I found endless information plus met wonderful people that run the Forum who do go the extra mile to help you and also help record such a historic racing era. Mr Eduardo Munoz is one of them. Thanks again for sharing the information about the Forum Pasion a la Velocidad y los Motores.

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