Laguna Florio

I never noticed it before, but from some angles you could convince me that pictures from Laguna Seca were actually taken at the Targa Florio. Then again, maybe it’s just the subject matter—as in this Porsche 906 at the Rennsport Reunion.

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  1. Ian Barber says:

    I used to do forced marches on those hills while stationed at Ft. Ord, I have seen video of the Targa Florio, have to agree!

  2. Bill Kincaid says:

    Well, I’ve raced many times at Laguna and driven parts of the Targa and they’re sorta similar as far as elevation changes. But I’ve never seen donkeys on the track at Laguna.

  3. Fantastic photo of 906 in ….. “”Laguna Florio””, but ……, dear american friends, “old” Targa Florio Race is ….. Targa Florio Race, “unique” !




    Associazione Culturale Amici della Targa Florio

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