Ferrari Presenta: 1953

Ferrari: Modena Italia presenta: 166 millemiglia. 250 millemiglia.

Love the high-contrast illustration style in this page from a 1953 Ferrari brochure. I’ve looked high and low for a higher resolution image with no luck, so I can’t read the listed specifications. Anyone have any idea what the olympic rings are doing here?

I found another page from a 1955 Ferrari brochure that uses a graphical device similar to the olympic rings and discusses championship wins. Were the interlocking olympic-style rings used more generically to symbolize international competition in the years before the International Olympic Committee cracked down on unauthorized use?

Worth noting that the graphical device used in the ’55 brochure page bears a resemblance to the Auto Union/Audi rings. Curiouser and curiouser.

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  1. Scott Fisher says:

    …Oh, NOW I see the Olympic rings in question. Well, I STILL think the blue-yellow-grey-red rings are for their four world championships, but yeah, the five rings underneath the 1953 graphics are a puzzlement. Um… well, because Ferrari had won five Mille Miglia events in succession before 1953? 🙂

  2. E55 says:

    Five rings (not four) symbolize the Olympics. I don’t have any insight on the “auto union” rings except that in the Auto Union context, they are monochromatic.

  3. Richard Reventlow says:

    Winter olympics in Cortina in 1956

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