Cobras at Sebring, 1965

Another in a long—and hopefully growing—list of examples of digging some slides (or photos, or film cans) out of the attic and getting them online. Rockhouse66 has added some slides that his father shot at the 1965 Sebring Endurance race to the Shelby American Automobile Club forums.

From their box seats over the pits they had an excellent vantage point to capture the details of some of the racers as they entered the pits. SAAC members have already pointed out the unconventional battery location and the brake duct wings. It’s little details like these that can often only be captured from these unconventional angles, which often means that these spectator shots can be “better” than the professional on-track images that were published at the time. Love it.

More on the SAAC Forums and on Rockhouse66’s Photobucket.

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