But it Sure Doesn’t Taste Like Tomato Juice!


Confidence! A “427 Cobra” reeks of it. There’s nothing timid about one of Carroll Shelby’s new “Snakes”: He’s built an automobile for individuals* who not only appreciate fine cars, but really know how to use one.

When first told of the plans for the new car, even his team racing drivers said, “what are we going to do with an additional 215 horsepower?” Typically, Shelby had the answer—he put it on the road with a totally new suspension design. A computer-engineered geometry that fills every slight depression and variation in the road surface with pure horsepower. It’s delivered in such a smoothly engineered manner, however, that the Cobra can no longer claim to be a true sports car in the classic tradition. Yes…it still looks the same…almost. But it sure doesn’t taste like tomato juice!

Owning a new “427” Cobra isn’t quite like your first sports car…remember? There won’t be any excuses to the young fellow with the channelled ’32 that lives down the road about how “this car was meant to cross the winding roads of Europe not burn rubber for three hundred feet.” Or the old saw about the power not coming in till you got to 4500 R.P.M. A Cobra will blow them all off from point “A” to point “B,” whether it’s a stoplight gran prix or a twenty-four hour enduro. In short the Cobra is an automobile, a real one in the Shelby tradition. In case you don’t know what a “real one” is, stop in at your Total Performance Ford/Cobra dealer and find out. If you happen to live in one of those rare areas where performance isn’t as “total” as you’d like, write to us and we’ll tell you where it is!

* We build only 500 a year, how individual can you get?

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