Giants’ Despair

Giant’s Despair is a frequent favorite here, and these program covers don’t do anything to dispel that affinity. More fantastic program covers and handbills at The Motor Racing Programme Covers project.

I like the floating apostrophe in these—like the committee couldn’t decide if it was one giant despairing, or the despair of many giants or there was no possession at all.

I’m through complaining about corporate sponsor logos all over the cars; I know I’ve lost that fight. But can we at least get them off of the posters and program covers? I want to hang a poster of a Grand Prix I attended, not a poster of a business software company logo. These program covers all benefit from not having a SAP or Emirates Airlines or UBS logo on them.

2 responses to “Giants’ Despair”

  1. Bart Brown says:

    If you’d ever been to Wilkes-Barre, you’d know EXACTLY why a giant, or any number of giants, would despair!

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