Ok Red Bull, but How’s She Do on the Dirt? Oh.

This video promoting the new F1 circuit in Austin Texas starts off expectedly enough: Shots of Texas; DC at the wheel of a Red Bull spinning around Austin’s empty city streets. Just as I was beginning to tire of it, Coulthard pulls off the road and onto a very under-construction track. Turns out contemporary F1 cars are tougher than I thought.

Well done, Red Bull.

11 responses to “Ok Red Bull, but How’s She Do on the Dirt? Oh.”

  1. $EX¥_HAMMER says:

    I can’t wait to see this track and watch some racing when it’s completed. But I can’t help but wonder whether the atmosphere will be true to what Austin likes to promote itself as being, or what it really is… That is, will it be accessible to everyone, or welcome only to the money-slinging pricks and their trophy wives?

  2. Heath says:

    that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time…

  3. Ag Croc says:

    Leave it unpaved – makes for better racing!

  4. Carlos Emilio Alvarez says:

    Impresive!! I’ll be there!!

  5. ranco says:

    Intersting video, but I suspect photoshop.

  6. Ktrum7 says:

    How many different race tracks has F1 experimented with in the USA? Now, Texas!!? It just doesn’t do it for me. I say, take it back to Watkins Glen!

  7. Edmund says:

    I can’t believe a state as assbackward as Texas gets to host a Grand Prix. For one it’s to hot. And secondly it’s within driving distance for Texas residents only. Why not put it in the northeast where the majority of the populous lives? Or California where the heart of car culture in America resides?

  8. John says:

    Boring.Make that very boring.Nearly as boring as watching a grand prix on a new circuit.

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  10. Mike Jacobsen says:

    There aren’t too many places left in the USA within easy reach of a large population yet where one can build a large, noise generating facility. Today’s F1 requires such an investment in so many areas, let alone in track safety that our established sites haven’t bid for it since the falling out at Indy, which was F1’s fault but the track and spectators’ loss. I’m happy to have F1 back and hope it lasts–but will it?

  11. Mike Jacobsen says:

    I had to come back to this after racing at COTA in October’s SVRA “Vintage Championships ofAmerica.” My rcing a ’34 MG there answers Sexy Hammer’s question. It is a fantastic track, easily the best I’ve been on–really a tricky drive and good for all kinds and speeds of cars. Facilities are terrific, tho for an event with 200 plus cars, 3 different paddock areas must be used, some far from the main facilities. I sure hope to make the tow from SoCal again next year!

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