Fiberglas Know-How

New Fiberglas Bodies by Victress

1. The stunning S-4, designed for conversion of stock Ford or Chevy chassis without extensive frame alterations… $695.00

2. America’s fastest, most beautiful sports car (203 MPH plus). 99″ wheelbase, a dream to drive. S1-A body as lo as… $595.00

2. Beauty for MG’s too! The S-5 is designed to fit standard TC or TD frames and convert the MG into a sleek beauty… $575.00

4. The Dragster, long lean and potent, perfectly balanced for sprints. Its low, low weight (40 lbs.) adds speed… $250.00

Special Offer:
We have assembled all the know-how you need for Fiberglas construction and design. A book on building Fiberglas bodies, complete plans on frame modifications and Victress’ new 24 pg. catalogue will be sent to you for the bargain price of just… $1.00

Victress Manufacturing Co.
11823 T, Sherman Way, N. Hollywood Calif. (ed: Talk about a bummer. this location is now a dirt lot with a trailer on it. Take a look)

Please send me the complete construction & design kit. I am enclosing $1.00
City: State:

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  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    I believe the 203 MPH refers to the timed speed of Guy Maybee’s Victress bodied car at Bonneville. He also road raced it, starting in the front row at March Field. It looked more like no. 3 here than no 2!

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