Fiberglas Know-How

New Fiberglas Bodies by Victress

1. The stunning S-4, designed for conversion of stock Ford or Chevy chassis without extensive frame alterations… $695.00

2. America’s fastest, most beautiful sports car (203 MPH plus). 99″ wheelbase, a dream to drive. S1-A body as lo as… $595.00

2. Beauty for MG’s too! The S-5 is designed to fit standard TC or TD frames and convert the MG into a sleek beauty… $575.00

4. The Dragster, long lean and potent, perfectly balanced for sprints. Its low, low weight (40 lbs.) adds speed… $250.00

Special Offer:
We have assembled all the know-how you need for Fiberglas construction and design. A book on building Fiberglas bodies, complete plans on frame modifications and Victress’ new 24 pg. catalogue will be sent to you for the bargain price of just… $1.00

Victress Manufacturing Co.
11823 T, Sherman Way, N. Hollywood Calif. (ed: Talk about a bummer. this location is now a dirt lot with a trailer on it. Take a look)

Please send me the complete construction & design kit. I am enclosing $1.00
City: State:

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