Giants’ Despair

Giant’s Despair is a frequent favorite here, and these program covers don’t do anything to dispel that affinity. More fantastic program covers and handbills at The Motor Racing Programme Covers project.

I like the floating apostrophe in these—like the committee couldn’t decide if it was one giant despairing, or the despair of many giants or there was no possession at all.

I’m through complaining about corporate sponsor logos all over the cars; I know I’ve lost that fight. But can we at least get them off of the posters and program covers? I want to hang a poster of a Grand Prix I attended, not a poster of a business software company logo. These program covers all benefit from not having a SAP or Emirates Airlines or UBS logo on them.

Onboard in a Aston Martin DB4GT at Goodwood

Lovely onboard footage here from the impressive duo of Orange Company Director Tom Alexander and Red Bull team manager Christian Horner in their DB4GT in Sunday’s RAC TT race. The event was cut short when the rain set in, but this onboard footage looks like it was a mighty fun time regardless. Nice capture of the driver change about 6 minutes into the video, and we can see what the rain looked like from the cockpit when it started to come down pretty hard about 13 minutes into the video.

When £30Million worth of GT cars are circling the track you take the rain very, very seriously.

More at 22 GT Racing.

Ok Red Bull, but How’s She Do on the Dirt? Oh.

This video promoting the new F1 circuit in Austin Texas starts off expectedly enough: Shots of Texas; DC at the wheel of a Red Bull spinning around Austin’s empty city streets. Just as I was beginning to tire of it, Coulthard pulls off the road and onto a very under-construction track. Turns out contemporary F1 cars are tougher than I thought.

Well done, Red Bull.

Super Ninety’s Friday at Goodwood

I think Vic has the right idea. Friday is probably the day to visit The Revival, and for the right reason. Yes, it’s less crowded. Yes, it’s probably easier to compose that photo in the paddock without 50 folks gathered around the DB-2. But, more importantly, the feeling of aniticipation hanging in the air must be palpable and thrilling. More Friday shots on Super Ninety.

Great car. Great outfit. Couldn't you find a period appropriate lawn chair?

Ginther and GT40 for Shell

Finally! I have been looking for this commercial for years; occasionally running a variety of searches on YouTube in case it’s been uploaded. In August it finally made its way online. Many, many thanks to Richie Ginther’s son Bret, who says:

“I found a few 16mm reels from my dad’s archives and had them converted to digital. This is an undated (ca 1966?) era commercial my father did for Shell oil. The true jewel in this is hearing the Ford GT with my dad piloting it. I hope you enjoy this clip. I have uploaded another Shell commercial of same era with a triple endoresement. Enjoy.”

Here’s another of Brett’s uploads from the Ginther Archives featuring Luigi Chinetti, Ginther, and Jim Hall: also for Shell:

The Road Racers

I think the Johnny Cash song featured in part of this 1979 film sums it up better than I could:

Now I forgot about yesterday and let tomorrow bring what may
Let everything be as it will be
Cause all I need is my machine and a little high octane gasoline
And get your hands off me I’m rollin’ free

Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

Oh Stirling

Toyota’s Sporting Design Genes

Japanese motor companies were often accused in the post-war era of lifting the British design aesthetic and just tweaking the hell out of the engines. For motorcycles it always seemed particularly true. But this 1962 Toyota Publica Sports concept makes me think that the Japanese makers should have been more confident in finding their design voice earlier. Some hints of the 2000GT’s headlamps here 3 years early.

via Influx.

From One Transporter to Another

Fiberglas Know-How

New Fiberglas Bodies by Victress

1. The stunning S-4, designed for conversion of stock Ford or Chevy chassis without extensive frame alterations… $695.00

2. America’s fastest, most beautiful sports car (203 MPH plus). 99″ wheelbase, a dream to drive. S1-A body as lo as… $595.00

2. Beauty for MG’s too! The S-5 is designed to fit standard TC or TD frames and convert the MG into a sleek beauty… $575.00

4. The Dragster, long lean and potent, perfectly balanced for sprints. Its low, low weight (40 lbs.) adds speed… $250.00

Special Offer:
We have assembled all the know-how you need for Fiberglas construction and design. A book on building Fiberglas bodies, complete plans on frame modifications and Victress’ new 24 pg. catalogue will be sent to you for the bargain price of just… $1.00

Victress Manufacturing Co.
11823 T, Sherman Way, N. Hollywood Calif. (ed: Talk about a bummer. this location is now a dirt lot with a trailer on it. Take a look)

Please send me the complete construction & design kit. I am enclosing $1.00
City: State: