Factories at Work: Ferrari in the 70s

This is an interesting moment for Ferrari in this shot. It captures the transition from the era of craftsmen hand-building the early F-cars to the technological sophistication that we think of when we see images of the current factory floor.

More than that though, I’m just glad that the ‘Dino’ moniker no longer seems to have the disregard that it once had. Which is a good thing, because It has to be one of Pininfarina’s most beautiful silhouettes. I know I’ll catch flak for this, but I think I’d rather have the 246 Dino in my garage than the Daytona Coupe it shared the factory floor with.

Stumbling across this photo in the Auto Clasico Flickr stream was particularly good timing because I saw an example of each of these cars this past weekend at Wheels of Italy; which was fun as always, but had an uncharacteristic lack of classic Italian scooters this year.

4 responses to “Factories at Work: Ferrari in the 70s”

  1. Bryan says:

    By far, I’d take the Dino over the Daytona. No shame there!

  2. Jack Shaftoe says:

    I’ve always thought the 246 Dino to be the loveliest car I’ve ever seen.

  3. Rory Carroll says:

    I would much rather have the Dino as well. I like Daytonas but have never really understood their appeal totally.

  4. Automobiliac says:

    I saw a few Daytonas at Pebble beach and I have to say I want one badly. Also, they have a V12, not a V6. That is the primary appeal of the Daytona over the Dino, in my opinion.

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