Transporter Eye Candy

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  1. Cindy Meitle-CAR PR USA

    How cool! This is why your site is so incredible. Thank you for the post!

  2. Gaby von Oppenheim

    What is the car on the Maserati Transporter? Do you know?

  3. David Tremayne


    I’ll take the Maaerat 151 any day.

    David Tremayne

  4. Harlo

    Gaby – That Maserati looks like an early version of the Tipo 151. Maybe? I’m not finding any other images with the same openings under the headlamps, but the general shape seems pretty consistent.

    Edit: Looks like David agrees!

  5. frederic

    what pics!!! do you have any idea where the 917s have been shooted?

  6. Marius Abbott

    That’s my grandfather, David Abbott in the bottom left ecurie ecosse photo. He’s the one in the white coat leaning into the d type.

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