New Photos of 1951 Pebble Beach Race Surface

In the comments of an earlier post on newly-discovered Pebble Beach photos, Bill Greene pointed us to some photos that his uncle captured of the 1951 Pebble Beach Road Races. I love when these types of things come out of hiding; not only because we get to see new imagery of the ’51 Pebble Beach Races, but because each time a new piece of media of these old races surfaces it reminds me of how many bits of vintage racing amazement are still waiting to be discovered.

Thanks for scanning and sharing these, Bill! See the rest of them at Bill’s Flickr Stream.

2 responses to “New Photos of 1951 Pebble Beach Race Surface”

  1. says:

    Good times, if a little dangerous 😉 It’s good to see that so many of these momentums haven’t been thrown away but turn up on the internet now and then! I have some myself, I keep reminding myself over and over again to buy a good scanner so that I can put them up on my own website..

  2. Heath says:

    I love these old photos, especially the ones in color. There’s something about the saturation and focus that just can’t be reproduced today, even in photoshop.

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