Factories at Work: Gullwings on the Line

Great find by Auto Classica of these Mercedes-Benz factory shots. Hard to imagine the 3-Pointed Star facility being this low-tech looking. Great stuff.

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  1. Heather

    ohhh, my favorite. Gorgeous.

  2. John McClure

    Yes, GORGEOUS ! I was lucky and bought a new 300SL way back in the 50’s?
    It was FANTASTIC !! but
    they had a problem…the carborators leaked gas on top of the manifold, causing them to catch fire.
    and mine did it too…I was driving and my wife and her sister were in back seat…but before I could stop the car, they opened the right door and jumped out of the moving car…but lived thru it.
    Car was destroyed 🙁

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