The Maestro and His Instrument

This single image of Fangio at the wheel of his 250F says more about the soul and spirit of classic motorsport than I can hope to write in a lifetime.

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  1. Andres Gigena

    Excelente comentario que bien puede aplicarse a otros grandes hombres.

  2. Ted Sodergren

    I think that I remember reading somewhere that whenever Moss talked to Fangio he referred to him as “Maestro”. This is one of the best Fangio photos ever published.

  3. Hal

    I hate to be a doubter, but I believe that this is a Ferrari Lancia d-50. The louvers on the hod are not present on the 250F, but are certainly there on a D-50.

    Thanks for a great web page!!!!

  4. Hal

    I take it back! Further research shows the louvers on the Maserati as well as on the D-50.

  5. Automobiliac

    That is definitely a 250F

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