A New Devin Fiberglass body – $295

Slightly smaller than a Ferrari Monza… Will fit 80″ to 88″ wheelbase, treads from 45″ to 50″… Engine compartment may be varied to fit all but the largest engines… Integral headrest optional for left side only is included in price… $25.00 additional for removable headrest for either side… Integral instrument hood at no additional charge… Weight of body approx. 70 lbs, crated weight approx. 100 lbs… Body surface will require light sanding to remove high gloss prior to painting… Body makes ideal installation on TR3 and specials with Chevrolet V8 engines… Many of the longer wheelbase car frames can be shortened to take body at very reasonable costs… Suggestions for mounting included… Overall length approx. 150″, floor to top of instrument hood approx. 27″, floor to top of headrest approx. 32″… Width of body at front wheel opening 58″, at rear wheel opening 56″… Moulding for mounting windshield $10.00… Liner for rear of cockpit, includes bucket seats, drive shaft tunnel and part of floor boards, makes installation very strong, light and simple, $20.00… Frames for our body and Chevrolet V8 engine and all American components available very soon… Sorry we haven’t answered sooner but we are covered with correspondence and orders… Prices and specifications subject to change without notice… All prices f.o.b. Fontana, California… Dealer inquires invited.

Devin Enterprises, P.O.Box 357, Fontana California

See authorized dealer nearest you

Competition Cars

Class H and G

Also available: complete competition cars from $3000.00 to $4500.00.

Cars available with single or dual ignition.

Engines may be ordered with standard push rod valves or the new 4 cam engine, blown or unblown giving a power to weight ratio of approximately 6 pounds per horsepower.

Earnest inquiries invited.

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