Run What Ya Brung: Montseny Hillclimb, ’74

Wow. Talk about a varied list of competitors.

I must admit that I’ve frequently lumped hillclimbs in with autocrosses in terms of holding my attention. On both counts, I do recognize it as “real” racing. I respect the effort required to race not only your competitors, but yourself. I appreciate the concentration and skill it takes to get through that course as quickly as possible. Somehow, though, it always lacked the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing for me.

I think I may have to seriously reconsider that. After all, when have you seen a more varied and interesting field than the one represented in just these few photos from the 1974 Carrera en el Cuesta al Montseny?

The Spanish hillclimb, part of the European Mountain Championship, has quite a history. Although I must admit it was this magnificent poster image that caught my eye initially, in looking around a bit for more information on this event in particular and the Montseny Hillclimb in general, I am enthralled by what an event it must have been. Today, relatively few hillclimbs garner any international attention (Hell, even local attention). That is a great shame. I have to think the spectating is no less thrilling than the WRC. And just look at the variety of machinery you’ll encounter. From just this event I see Homologation Specials, Touring Cars, Small-Bore Grand Tourers, and Open Wheel cars. ¡Magnifico!

In 1974, Jimmy Mieusset won the day in a March 742 with a time of 8’56″97, with Yves Martin’s McLaren F2 following with a time 13 seconds longer.

More photos and race results from the 1974 Montseny Hillclimb at what has to the authoritative source: Magic Montseny

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