Jo Siffert’s Funeral Procession

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  1. anise says:

    I have to share this on our store’s Porsche page.

  2. jj says:

    50.000 people attende the funeral in Freiburg and his friend Jean Tinguely created the Jo Siffert fountain:

  3. A sad day. I was 12 when Jo Siffert passed. I had encountered him earlier that summer at the Mid Ohio Can-Am race.

    I had been standing in the paddock with a program and a pen in hand when Jackie Stewart brusquely shrugged off my request. As I turned around I saw Jo Siffert talking to Milt Minter.

    I wandered over as Minter moved on, Jo saw me coming and actually waited for me! He took my program and signed it, and then returned to me with words: “Thank you”. In an instant I had a new favorite driver and was soon rewarded with a win at the Austrian GP.

    I can remember later on that fall, coming down for breakfast, to find the newspaper missing. The news that Jo had been killed was in it and my parents had hidden it from me.

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