Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

Maser… Merc… Jag… Which would you choose?

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  1. John

    I would put the keys to all three in a hat and pick one. Any one of the three would be amazing.

  2. Mario Carneiro Neto

    Mercedes, no doubt about it.

  3. Steve Boon

    D type (I’m English, dear boy).

  4. ernesto

    all three

  5. Heath

    D Type… love the curves

  6. pete

    what model merc is that?

  7. pete


  8. Mike Jacobsen

    Ah–sweet dreams! Now let us get serious. The Merc is the rarest–who can tell me if they built four, five or six? Also the most difficult for which to obtain parts or to service; had a tremendous success rate but actually ran in only a handful of events. Was pulled out of the most prestigious while battling for the lead. With the D type, of course. Not only a hundred of those around but as many replicas as well. Easiest to get parts for, and the fastest on a fast circuit. The 300S touted as the best handling over 1.5 litre car of the period, won quite a few because of that. Not as many built as D Types, but many more than the 300SLR. The Maser probably the most user-friendly for a vintage racer like me. Besides, I’m an Italophile.

  9. Edmund

    Well, the D type is certainly the most legendary/well known of the 3. The Maserati I wouldn’t take cause I’d rather have a Ferrari if I’m quite honest. The Merc is gorgeous and rare. But, I think I’d have the Jag because like a previous poster said, parts are easier to sort out. Also you could have a passenger and I’m a sucker for BRG, though any car in GRS looks beautiful.

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