Considering the SR3

G & H modified racing is enjoying continued and increasing popularity as more owners realize the challenge and stability these racing classes offer. The SR3 is ideal for G & H racing and has established an enviable record since being introduced in 1965, including a conclusive first at the Daytona ARRC with lap times down to 1:16:2 on the 1.6 mile course, as an H modified. If you are considering becoming a part of one of these growing classes you should consider the SR3. Offered as:

  • A complete Car
  • A Kit
  • Or by components

By: Bobsy Division of
Vanguard Automotive Enterprises, Inc.
139 Koons Ave., Medina, Ohio

H Modified seems like it must have been a hell of a fun time. 750cc and a light frame must have just been a blast. Scratch that; I’m sure it still is.

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