1960 Buenos Aires GP in Pictures

A transitional year to be sure. The mid-engine revolution had officially begun, but the Coopers still looked awfully odd out there amongst all those front-engined machines. Can anyone tell me what’s going on in the image of Harry Schell in his Cooper T51? It almost looks like someone is trying to toss him a drink!

Dan Gurney in a BRM really gave Maurice Trintignant a run for his money, but ultimately Maurice’s Cooper won the day; beating Gurney by nearly a minute.

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  1. Brenden

    I’ve recently finished reading a Bruce McLaren bio, McLaren Memories by Eoin Young. In it describes this race as being “hot and unpleasant”. Cars retired because of vapor lock & overheating. I would guess that in the picture above that’s one of Schell’s pit crew trying to cool him off.

  2. Brenden

    Also, check the results of the 1960 Argentine Grand Prix that took place the week before. Several cars retiring due to overheating and ‘physical’ reasons.


  3. Automobiliac

    To me, it looks like there is oil on the track and the guy is tossing sand or something onto it. And seems to be doing so right as Schell is driving by. Just a guess.

  4. Automobiliac

    Hmm, maybe it is water after all…

  5. Jeff Downer Indianapolis

    What ever it is the guy is throwing Harry going for it like a horse to oats. lol.

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