60 Years of Ferrari: Read It and Weep

This is my new barometer when I meet people. Have someone pick their favorite year of the Ferrari F1 car from this graphic. If it’s after 1967 1973 1982, you might just want to walk away right then.

Is it just me? Maybe it’s just me.

It’s probably just me. Man, I’m a jerk.

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  1. Jonny Shears

    It’s not just you. I agree with you 100%. In fact if anyone chose a car on the right hand side of the poster I’d be disappointed in them.

  2. DougD

    1961. It’s not just you..

  3. Alex

    After about 1969 they all start looking like a decal sheet.

  4. Carlos Emilio Alvarez

    Where can I get this poster?

  5. Cindy Meitle-CAR PR USA

    I agree with you guys…but…after 18 years in the car realm…and the same applies for football and other sports…I’ve adopted the theory that, “As long as you’re a fan….as long as you like a team…or a car…it’s OK…as long as your a fan or an enthusiast…that’s what counts”. I WILL say they would ALL excite me rumbling by on a track but there’s nothing like the wheels that came out of the Chinetti years! Yep. I’m a fan. Wink wink.

  6. Hal

    You are not a jerk. I go for ’56, even if it is a Lancia. Or ’61, (Phil Hill!)

  7. r.a.sblendorio

    I need this poster..Where can I get it?

  8. Ktrum

    About as far forward as I would go is with the 126C only because Gilles Villeneuve drove it magnificently.

  9. Mario Carneiro Neto

    Sorry, but the 1986, 87, 88, 89 and 90 cars were quite beautiful. I prefer the older ones too, but you can’t deny some of the late 80’s early 90’s cars were quite good looking.

  10. John

    Not just you. From the “turbo era” on is not interesting at all. In fact, one could make a strong argument, as I often do, that anything past 72 is useless.

  11. Heath

    1967. Wings ruined everything.

  12. Heath

    …but the 2008 car (with the big honking fin) was pretty neat!!!

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  14. Mike Jacobsen

    A personality test! LOL! Maybe an age test–if I say 1953 you know I’m at least 65.

  15. Automobiliac

    I’m gonna go ahead and be a jerk. You like Ferrari F1 cars??
    Lotus all the way (til colin died) baby!

  16. Harlo


    Love it! I too tend to side with Enzo’s hated garagistas.

  17. Automobiliac

    I think Ferrari tends to make 1 or maybe 2 good looking F1 cars per decade. Then they cover that car with winglets and other shit til they start over again.

  18. Ben

    I’m with most of you, but I have to agree in part with Mario Neto up there, the 80’s cars were brilliant to watch even though they weren’t particularly competitive. The turbo-decade was just plain fun, magnesium skid-plates and all. And, as for the 70’s cars – are there many more evocative images than Lauda getting round the ‘Ring in the 312?! Pretty cool stuff. Nice poster too BTW..!

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