The Rodriguez Brothers at the ’61 LeMans

The film is wonderful, but it was the uploader’s comments that prompted me to share it.

Pedro917 says: “Pedro & Ricardo Rodriguez, driving a Ferrari 250TR entered by the North American Racing Team, fought the works Ferraris of Hill-Gendebien and Parkes-Mairesse for 22 hours. While leading at 7am (after 15 hours), it took the works mechanics over 20 minutes to replace a defective condenser and the brothers, now 5 laps down but with 9 hours to go, started the chase for the lead with lap times of 10 secs faster than the leading works Ferrari of Hill-Gendebien. With only 2 hours to go and back in second place, Pedro came in with a smoking engine and retired the car. The brothers received a standing ovation from the crowd.”

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