Reader Photos: Brian Goldman’s Davis Field Trial

Brian sent in these unbelievable photos that his father took at the Brookfield Ohio Davis Field Trial in the mid-late 1950s. The event was apparently put on by Davis Volkswagen, but the photos here are even more shocking than seeing a Beetle giving its all on what looks to be virtually untouched field.

If you’ll remember, I was stunned, and pleased, to see a Jaguar XK120 being put through her paces on the dirt hill road of Agoura Hills. Well that’s nothing compared to the scene you see here—this time in what looks to be a Morgan.

The owner of this Triumph TR2 is no less courageous and pushes her for all she’s worth on less than pristine racing surfaces. I adore that these sportscar owners realized that their cars were for sporting purposes—and put them to that end with little mercy. I don’t think we’ll soon see any Lamborghini or Koenigsegg drivers reviving the Field Trial. Well, I guess we’ll have to get by with the WRC.

Thanks for these, Brian. They’re an amazing artifact, not only of days gone by, but of a spirit gone by as well.

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  1. Hal Faulkner

    That really looks more like a Morgan than a Jag to me. The sides of the grill are too straight.

  2. Harlo

    I think you’re right, Hal. I’ll clarify in the post.

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