Reader Photos: Dick Lees at the 1970 Silverstone Int’l Trophy Meet

Let’s take a look at another marvelous group of photos from Dick Lees archives. This time it’s a non-championship Formula 1 race at Silverstone: the Daily Express/GKN 22nd International Trophy Meeting. Lots of great views from the pits here. Watching this year’s Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend, it’s still hard for me to believe the accessibility that was once so common at F1 races.

Lotus 72s for John Miles and Jochen Rindt

Jackie Stewart Drove a March701 and finished second to Chris Amon also in a March 701

Denny Hulme's McLaren and Mike Walker's McLaren F-5000

4 responses to “Reader Photos: Dick Lees at the 1970 Silverstone Int’l Trophy Meet”

  1. Jeff Allison says:

    Great stuff from a great photographer. Dick catches the mood and atmosphere and shows the informality that once was F1.

  2. samuel gonzalez says:

    good photos thanks

  3. samuel gonzalez says:

    I like the story of the beautiful weather and who’s driving cars if they were pilots

  4. Automobiliac says:

    Friggin fantastic photos!

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