Moment-to-Moment Knowledge

A good driver drives still better with a Smiths Electronic Impulse Tachometer.

The racing driver’s control of his car depends on knowledge—not just knowledge of how to drive, but the moment-to-moment knowledge he gets from his instruments.

Chief of these is the tachometer. There’s no substitute for the information it gives the driver—information which is now available to you, whatever car you drive.

Smiths electronic impulse tachometer is a handsome, superbly accurate instrument, which can easily be fitted to an existing dashboard. It costs only £9.15—not much to pay for the chance of increasing motoring skill, and motoring pleasure too.

If you’re experienced enough to take advantage of a tachometer, you might be interested in Smiths other supplementary instruments, and the attractive sub-panel designed for mounting them below your dashboard.

Smiths Electronic Impulse Tachometer.

Write to us (or ask at your Garage) for full information about the electronic impulse tachometer and the complete range of supplementary instruments.

Smiths Motor Accessory Division
Sales and Service, Oxgate Lane, London N.W.2

This is something we’re unlikely to see again. It’s difficult enough to swap a new radio in lately, let alone gauges.

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