A Kind of Passion

I like this approach of video-as-snapshot that this piece from Squadra Sutge: little moments, brief glimpses, peeks into the Jarama Classic Moto race weekend. I also like that it focuses on the pits. The temptation is always to capture the track, but time spent in the paddock is time well spent. The pleasure of just hanging out with the vintage racing community is the unexpected treat of camaraderie that every vintage racer discovers at their first race meeting.

Beautifully shot and assembled. The Johnny Cash doesn’t hurt either.

One response to “A Kind of Passion”

  1. Michael Morgan says:

    It is a beautiful video…congratulations. Whenever I go to a vintage or contemporary event, I spend most of my time in the pits. Frequently I leave before the event is over, because I am there just to see and experience the machinery. Who wins a given race is oftentimes beside the point.

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