Ruedelsarte’s Shots of Gordinis at Montlhéry

I usually think of Ruedelsarte as my destination for air-cooled VW and Porsche pics, so these shots of Gordinis at the Coupes de Printemps at Montlhéry in March caught me pleasantly off guard. There’s something about the particular shade of French Racing Blue that Gordini used in the 1950s that is so enchanting; not quite as dark as Bugatti’s blue, not quite as light as Gulf Blue, not quite as saturated as Mexico Blue. I ask you: is this the perfect blue?

Click on over for the complete set of shots on and off the track.

I’m such a sucker for vintage transporters.

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  1. Robert E. Richer

    Wonderful, melancholy shot. A lone minder waiting for the day to start.

  2. Mike Jacobsen

    Great shot. A recent article in one of our leading vintage racing mags named roy Salvadori as the oldest living F1 driver from the ’50s–but a still living regular Gordini driver is older. MJ

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