GT Racer’s Origins

With the release of the Algarve Special DVD following last fall’s successful Kickstarter campaign, it seems a good time to look back at the roots of Alexander Davidis’ much loved TV series.

Alexander headed out to the inaugural LeMans Classic in 2002 with some period film cameras to take in the action and this short film was the result. It’s not hard to see how this led to the Classic Astons at Spa special and, ultimately, GT Racer. While I’m a fan of the HD footage that GT Racer so beautifully captures, I love the look that these old 1950s era Bolex cameras give to the 16mm footage. Were it not for the contemporary clothing in the pits you could be forgiven for taking this as historic 50s and 60s films.

This short of Alexander’s and the Dikayl Rimmasch film of Lime Rock we looked at last year sure make me want to start digging around antique shops for the old movie cameras that imbue the footage with such atmosphere—of course then it’ll be just the small detail of learning to use them as well as Alexander and Dikayl.

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