Why Bother with an Engine Stand?

Sure, you could use an engine stand next time you’re wrenching on your 4-cam Porsche engine… Or you could be a man about it and just drop it out of your 550 Spyder RS60, pop off the valve cover, and throw it over on its side.

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  1. Dan Mullin

    works for me! and your point would be……?

  2. mike curnow

    Done it many times, no problem.

  3. Andrew

    not sure if it is a 550 – by the shape of the chassis with the cross bar and the windows on the door, it looks more like a 718RSK…

  4. Harlo

    I dare say you’re right, Andrew, those windows are a dead giveaway.

  5. tim

    Not a 550. Maroon steering wheel, Wrong dash,and the tire width are a dead give away. I do know that this is the master named “Storz” at work. One cool feature that you can not see in this photo is that the ring of screws holding the fan into the aluminum shroud are “Daisy chain” safety wired together. Great site and I check it daily, thanks-Tim

  6. Andrew

    Sorry, but I have found out the photo is of a 718 RS-60 (not the RSK) as it has the full windscreen! The photo is from the 1960 LeMans and it could be one of four RS-60s that retired early due to either piston, camshaft or engine problems. Considering only one RS-60 finished the race – No 39 the team of Barth/Seidel in 11th position, obviously they weren’t as reliable as the earlier 550s!

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