The Choice of Europe’s Road Racers on the Grand Prix Circuit

What Makes a Winner?

A split second, driving skill, that final touch in tuning, just plain luck. Certainly all of these. And the design and engineering skill that creates a racing machine.

The Choice of Champions: Beach.


Beach introduced formula Vee racing to the European circuits. Beach formula vees are the choice of Europe’s road racers on the grand prix circuit with wins at Silverstone, Solitude, hill climbs. Beach formula Vees continue their winning records on the most demanding circuits of the world.

Beach builds race cars with engineering skills that creates the near perfect blend of strength, weight, balance. Beach racing cars are designed and built by the world’s most experienced manufacturer of formula Vees. The winning combination of design, engineering, and construction.

The race-proven design, contoured bucket seat, seeable instruments, grand prix-type shock coil units, exclusive-molded fully-enclosing batter box, heat-treated nuts, bolts, fasteners. The best in quality components: Stewart Warner, Girling, Goodyear, Firestone. The quality combination of winning components.

Beach Formula Vees
Kit includes all components necessary to construct a Formula Vee exclusive of Volkswagen parts…..$1250

Stage One cars are completely assembled (less engine) with racing tires, wheels, and selection of fiberglass body colors…..$2150

Stage Three cars are fitted with a dyno tuned, balanced engine, with tuned exhaust system…..$2700

Stage Two cars track tested…..$2650

Stage Three cars track tested…..$2900

Race Car Trailer…..$325

Individual components may be purchased as desired. Send $5.00 for fully illustrated catalog, contains complete listing of parts, prices, and assembly instructions.

Competition Components Incorporated
2028 Gentry Street, Clearwater, FL 33516

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Prices F.O.B. Clearwater, Florida. Freight and crating charges are not included.

Track tested stage 3 for 3 grand? Sign me up!

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