I know there are some BMW 2002 peeps out there that would pass out on the spot if they saw all of these highly-coveted Alpina performance parts together in one place like this. Heck, I know one who would be giddy to just find a complete set of the wheels with the elongated holes.

Who could blame them? Just look at all of the rare goodies collected here in this shot: performance cranks and pistons and engine blocks and brakes and sway bars and springs and headers and exhaust and…

Whew, I’m starting to get lightheaded myself.

2 responses to “Alpina-copia”

  1. Ben says:

    I’m getting giddy alright – LSD, steel wheels, quick steering box, Alpina headers AND that freaking gorgeous BUILDING in the background!!

  2. paulb says:

    Gotta love an ’02 with pig cheeks.

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