Ford and Ferrari Agree

Ford challenges Ferrari on the track, agrees with him on motor oil: both pick Shell

The new Ford GT, first car ever entered in European races by a major American automobile manufacturer, aims to put an end to Enzo Ferrari’s world championship reign.

Like Ferrari, Ford puts its faith exclusively in Shell oil. Below, they tell why:

Says Ford’s Roy Luss, chief design engineer o the GT, “A lot of time and talent have gone into the building of this car. We want to be sure we’re protecting our investment with the best racecar oil we can buy—Shell oil.”

Says Enzo Ferrari: “My loyalty to Shell springs from my experience first as a racing driver, then as director of the Ferrari racing team, and finally as a car manufacturer. Thirteen world championships have been the results of the happy association with Shell.”

I’ll spare you the faux engineering sales-speak that follows, but you have to envy the unique position that Shell was in at the time: able to gain by either side winning the Ford-Ferrari wars.

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